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Independence: Eating

How to Help Your Child Drink Independently



Create an environment
Montessori As soon as your child can hold something in his two hands introduce a small glass for drinking. When we offer him a glass instead of a bottle or ‘sippy’ cup he feels he is being like a ‘grown up’. Putting this trust in your child makes him feel good about himself.
Montessori Also provide a small jug, which has a weight and handle in proportion to his size so that he can pour his own drink.


Show your child how to drink from a glass
Montessori Using slow deliberate movements demonstrate how he can grasp the glass with two hands and bring it to his lips to drink.
Montessori Once he can do this you can also show him how to pour his own drink from a small jug with a small amount of juice, water or milk in it.


Make time
Montessori At first your child will dribble the water down his chin and will spill when he pours from the jug. This is natural when he is learning a new skill. Bearing in mind that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes will help you to keep a positive approach as your child learns to drink by himself.

Demonstration of pouring a drink:
Montessori Place only a small amount of water in the jug.
Montessori Lift the jug with one hand on the handle and the other hand under the lip.
Montessori Centre the lip over the centre of the glass and pour slowly.
Montessori Put the jug down.
Montessori Pick up the drinking glass with two hands and take a drink.
Montessori When carrying the jug and glass to the table, make two trips and show how to carry each object with two hands.


Drinking 2


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