Frequently Asked Questions about Walking

No time for walking

I wish I had time to let my child walk everywhere but really this is not a realistic idea with my busy life and busy family. We are always in a hurry to get somewhere and we don't have time to move at the pace my youngest child would dictate if we let him walk everywhere. What do you suggest?

Of course people do have busy lives these days and we only get busier as our family gets bigger. As you say it is not realistic to expect that we can walk everywhere—some times large distances have to be covered in short periods of time. You will have to make a conscious effort to find time to let your young child walk. This time for walking cannot be when you are in a rush to get from A to B, it has to be at a time when you can allow your child to walk at his own pace. The toddlers walk is not about getting from A to B, it is about taking things at his own pace and exploring the things that catch his eye along the way. Find time to take a walk with your toddler and let him set the pace, when he wants to stop, what he wants to look at and how far he wants to go.