Choosing Clothes

Create an environment where it is possible for your child to start to dress herself

  • Put clothes in drawers and cupboards at a level where your child can reach and take them out for herself. It is important to put just a few suitable clothes since children feel overwhelmed and cannot make choices for themselves if there are too many options. If you make sure that you only put out the ones you are happy for her to wear then it does not matter what she chooses. You don’t mind and she is happy because she feels she has a say in the matter!

Show your child how to choose her clothes

  • Even when you have provided these limited choices for your child you cannot just expect her to choose. You have to help her to start making choices by saying ‘would you like the blue T-shirt or the one with the Strawberries on the front?’

Make time for her to choose

  • To start with she may find it difficult to choose. Allow time for her to think and always go along with her choice. Soon you will find that suggesting that ‘we get dressed’ is greeted with smiles rather than a tantrum.