Help me to do it by myself.

Independence is the ability to do things for ourselves and think for ourselves. Your child becomes independent through his own activity. What should you let your child do? By being included in simple daily activities, he begins to understand routines, his role in the family, and his own abilities. When you offer choices at the right times and only lend a hand when he needs help, you are saying to him, "I know you can do this by yourself." He gains skills, confidence, and an "I can do it" attitude, which he will take with him throughout his life.

Your child will be on the path to independence when you follow these three key principles:

Create an accessible environment.

Show your child how to do daily activities that lead to independence.

Make time.


Getting your toddler dressed in the morning need not be stressful as long as you acknowledge that they actually want to do this for themselves.

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The key to successful potty training is to make a start on preparing your child much earlier than most people think.

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